Pictures of Megan, Ben, and Monty as grannies
Who's Your Granny?

About Ni Hao Grandma: Pictures of the cutest old Chinese people!

Ni Hao Grandma is devoted to the cutest and oldest Chinese (or other Asian) grandmas, and a few grandpas.

Ni hao means “hi”, ni hao ma means “how are you?” and grandma means “cute old person.”

Inspired by my own hunched-over granny, this site is dedicated to the tai chi-loving, vegetable-haggling and bus-taking cuties all over the world. This site is not meant to offend, but rather to raise awareness to the most active generation of the Asian populations in Chinatowns everywhere. Vote for your favorite cuties with the “Cute Attack.”

If you have a cute grandma you would like to submit, we would love to have your photos at