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I wasn’t born in Calif., but I got there as quick as I could. I enlisted in the U S Navy in 1964 right after high scoohl graduation, thinking I would go to San Diego for basic training. NO, I went to Great Lakes, Ill. Then to temporary duty on a radar picket ship out of Rhode Island, then to Radioman A School in Maryland! Finally, I went to a destroyer home ported in Long Beach! I was there for a few days and some weeks later I caught the ship in the Subic Bay, Philippines. Got back to Long Beach in Jan. 1966 and was there for 6 months, then back to West Pac. I moved to Torrance after I got out of the Navy in 1967. Got married in 1968 to a girl I met in 1966 on a blind date! We moved to Texas in 1979, but I will always remember the good things about the L A area, beach, etc during the late 60 s! The Beach Boys and other rock and roll songs will never grow old, like we who were there! I grew up in Nebraska-Kansas and always listened to great radio stations like KOMA in Oklahoma City, WLS in Chicago and KAAY in Little Rock, Arkansas. Those were the days, dreaming of California girls and all and I married one.To the Beach Boys, Frankie Avalon, Annette and the rest of the great singers/actors of the 1960 s: like Bob Hope would say, Thanks for the memories! .

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