San Francisco

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And one more fact that I’s should metinon. The community is the entire community at large, not all the Viets in OC. Remember that Viets coming to America arrived in waves, so each had its own experience. I’s can tell youse that a Viet who arrived here back in ’75-’76 would look at the newly Viet arrival as some kind of freak, more likely a F(resh) O(ff) the B(oat). Later waves most likely are the Chinese who resided in Vietnam. They’s as hell would not consider themselves Viet in anyway. So, the entire idea of Viets as a whole is a delusion a bunch of aholes got together to secure votes for the OC GOP douchebags…the very aholes who bankrupted the county years ago and still got promoted to higher office. Figure that out.Every time there is some BS protest about anything, always remember that there aholes in every group selling its own kind out. Stoking the anti-communism fervor to the point of hurting a fellow Viet is no better than Communism itself. You can bet your ass that the OC GOP is behind this BS, corralling the community into some BS “right” or conservative ideology when they themselves don’t even know that the f-ck it is. They’re a bunch of horse thieves and quacks back in the old days that would have been either lynched or driven out of town. See the OC GOP idiots moving to Texas? See them running for office over there? Exactly my point. They would laughed at and mocked.

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